Romey Petite and Laurel Holden met at the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, Vermont and were members of the graduating class of 2013. 

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One lovely spring day, while crossing a bridge over the White River—a stream that runs between two towns and two states—Romey asked Laurel a question...


Sharing an appreciation of whimsy and fairy tales, these two found friendship and banded together to collaborate and create a rough draft of Spiderella: The Girl Who Spoke with Spiders—originally published as part of Laurel's CCS Senior Thesis. Romey wrote the words. Laurel made the pictures. Afterward, the pages were posted, one at a time on tumblr until the artwork was completed. 

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Together, Laurel and Romey live with a corgi named Felix in a little town under the pines.  Romey can be reached at romeypetite (at) gmail (dot) com and Laurel at laurelmax.holden (at) gmail (dot) com.