Do You Know the Story of Spiderella?

Once upon a time...

Once upon a Time...

Meet Eleanor: The Girl Who Spoke with Spiders.


Though everyone at Minerva Inc., where she works, knows Eleanor is talented, they do not know how she sews such elaborate costumes so quickly. Soon though, all the kingdom will learn that the girl has a trick up her sleeve involving her eight-legged friends...

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Spiderella: The Girl Who Spoke with Spiders (Book One of the series) begins about a year after Eleanor first began working as an atelier girl for Minerva Inc. The cunning courtier, Minerva, has discovered that Eleanor can work much faster than any of the others and quickly snatches her up—making her no less than the private apprentice of the most valued courtier in all the land.

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As it turns out, the position offers no payment, little in the way of comfortable accommodations (Eleanor sleeps in a dusty attic, but is grateful to have her spider-friends, at least), and worst of all, the girl is no longer permitted to claim credit for the costumes she creates on Minerva's behalf. It's little wonder Eleanor is working on a plan to escape...

Surely you've heard of Minerva: The famed courtier—her reputation precedes her...


Minerva is the kind of person you only wish you could be friends with. At one point, even Eleanor looked up to the courtier and wanted to be just like her one day.

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Minerva knows all the right people, has the King and Queen charmed, and the entire kingdom is bewitched by her mysterious sorceress spell.

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Where does she get her ideas? How does she make her outrageous outfits? Only Eleanor knows. The most dangerous thing about Minerva is that sometimes, she actually seems encouraging to the factory girls who work in her atelier. The truth is, Minerva doesn't want anyone to succeed unless she gets to take all the credit...

Because of his parents, he can't really help being well-known—he's the Prince.


A hobbyist of intricate impossible bottles, the Prince has a dream, but he won't tell anyone what it is (and while the tiny ship inside the glass might be a hint, no one seems to have noticed it).

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His mother and father have a pretty good idea of what they think he wants. It involves things called pomp and circumstance—parading about in lots of costumes and commissions from Minerva Inc.

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Deciding they know best for their son, they throw a Magnificent Masquerade Ball for their broody boy to choose a wife and so begins a world of trouble for poor Eleanor...

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Readers will join Spiderella on her adventures as she outwits the malevolent Minerva, rescues a reluctant Prince, and takes flight in an invention of her own making...

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What is she creating, you ask? You'll just have to read the book to find out!

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